Why sign with a small press when I can do everything myself?

You can absolutely do everything yourself. Buying ISBNs, creating cover and interior layouts, organizing signings and events, arranging distribution and printing agreements with domestic and international partners, taking & fulfilling orders, not to mention marketing and all that goes along with that.

Or, you can work with a trusted and respected small press publisher who will handle all of these things for you, and much, much more. The question you should be asking is, do you have the time, energy, and money to do all these things yourself?

What does Grey Gecko Press provide to authors?

Because we’re a full-service publishing company, the list is long, but here’s the big stuff:

  • Full, professional editing by experienced and respected editors
  • Cover art that reflects not only the tone of the book, but also its content
  • Domestic and international distribution of all editions
  • Quarterly royalty payments
  • Involvement by the author in all phases of publication
  • Active marketing and promotion of all kinds
  • Continuing support of all titles for as long as they’re published by Grey Gecko
  • The fairest author contracts in the industry

Do you charge for publishing?

As a full-service publisher, Grey Gecko Press does not charge anything to our authors for publishing their work.

What about royalties & advances?

Grey Gecko does not currently pay advances against royalties. However, authors start earning royalties immediately upon publication of their work. Standard royalty rates are from 50-75% of net earnings, depending on an individual title’s position in our tiered royalty system.

Authors will receive a quarterly check for their collected royalties on or before the first day of the second month following, for amounts exceeding $10. Commonly, retailers and other partners delay payments for as much as 6 months to allow for returns. Detailed sales & royalty reports are included as part of an author’s quarterly reporting.


In July, John Q. Public sold 277 copies of his $3.99 ebook on Kindle, earning $742.90. July’s royalties will be paid by Amazon at the end of September, a 2-month delay. John will receive a check and detailed sales report from Grey Gecko Press for all royalties received in the third quarter (July through September) on or before November 1st.

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