Advance Reader Program

Advance Reading Copy

an early copy of a book which is sent to reviewers, bookstores, and magazines

Advance reading copies (ARCs) help to generate buzz for upcoming books as well as their authors. For most of the publishing industry, these get sent to people who have significant readership influence: big-name reviewers, magazines, bookstores and celebrities.

We couldn’t help but ask one simple question: Why should the “important people” have all the fun? Honest reviews are the single-most important tool that we as an independent small press have at our disposal. Why would we artificially limit who can provide us with those reviews?

Part of our mission at Grey Gecko Press is to innovate in an aging industry. To that end, we’re proud to present the Advance Reader Program, an easy way for any reader to receive an eARC of any of our books. In exchange, we ask only for the reader to post an honest review online.

Join the Advance Reader Program Today!


  • A working, accessible email address that can receive attachments of up to 3mb in size
  • Be willing to receive 3-6 emails per year regarding upcoming titles
  • Ability to read eARCs in Kindle or ePub formats. PDF format is not available at this time for eARCs.
  • Review each ARC title no later than 2 weeks after the official release on (minimum, additional postings encouraged)

How It Works

Roughly two to three months before a new book is released, you’ll get an email with the book’s information. Included in the email will be links for you to download the eARC in either Kindle or ePub format. By downloading the book from these links, you’re agreeing to read and review the book by the deadline listed (usually two weeks after the book is officially released).

If you’re not interested in reading that particular book, you can delete the email and await the next one. If you’re no longer interested in reading any new titles, you can unsubscribe at any time. We’ll only send you emails regarding available ARCs, and we’ll never give out your information, ever.

Keep In Mind

  • ARCs are available in ePub and Kindle formats only at this time.
  • Life happens to the best of us, so if you’re not able to review the book you’ve downloaded by the deadline, just let us know. You’re allowed an extension of one week once per title.
  • If you don’t ask for an extension, and don’t review the book by the deadline, you’ll be dropped from the program.