In the award-winning Aristeia: Revolutionary Right, Grey Gecko Press author Wayne Basta introduced us to the characters and universe of his space opera saga. Maarkean Ocaitchi fought to free his sister Saracasi from an unjust imprisonment, and learned just where his loyalties lay in this new and troubling political landscape. Saracasi found her own inner strength — not to mention inner warrior — in the followup early in 2012, Aristeia: A Little Rebellion.

Now, this space opera saga concludes with the third and final book in the series, Tree of Liberty. Our favorite Rogue is back, and it’s Zeric Dustlighter’s turn to find out just how much of a soldier he wants to be when leadership is thrust upon him:

Zeric Dustlighter has been a soldier his entire adult life. Give him a gun, and tell him who to shoot, and he’ll get the job done. He always knew he was never cut out to be in command.

But now, cut off and trapped behind enemy lines, Zeric faces his worst nightmare; the fate of thousands of lives and possibly the entire Union, rest with his decisions.

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