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Photo of Rae Renzi
Cover of Dearly Departed Dating Service

Award-winning romance author Rae Renzi took a long and convoluted path to writerhood, with stops along the way in field biology, molecular genetics, and cognitive neuroscience. She is presently a research professor of brain and behavior science in Texas, but previously earned her way as a bus driver, horse exerciser, fine papermaker, and a swimming instructor. She has published numerous articles in international scientific journals, but only recently turned to writing fiction. Her debut novel RiverTime, won the prestigious EPIC award for romantic fiction, and was followed by its sequel, DogDaze. Her newest novel, The Dearly Departed Dating Service, retains a light-hearted romantic flavor, but dips into the supernatural to address interesting questions about life, death, and romance.

Rae has numerous other fascinations, including unusual foods and restaurants (along with cooking, of course), sustainable gardening (although if she had to live on what she successfully raised, she’d starve), horse and bicycle riding, fiber arts, graffiti and street art, natural science of any ilk, and hula-hooping. Rae recently moved from the metropolis of Houston to a little farm just outside the city.