From the Chief Gecko:

Greetings, Geckos! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends; we certainly did over here. I’ve had a couple folks ask why we delayed our sales announcements until today, and I wanted to briefly explain. I don’t believe in shopping on Thanksgiving and forcing folks to be away from their families for the holiday. So, even though we’re a small shop, and mostly work online, it’s a tradition I want to maintain for our company – and there’s no time to start traditions like the present!

Enjoy the great promotions we’re running this weekend, and from our family at the Gecko to yours, wherever they may be, we wish you a wonderful and joyous holiday season. Happy reading!

– Jason Aydelotte, Chief Gecko


At Grey Gecko, we try to keep things pretty uncomplicated, so not only have we combined our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, but we’ve made them super-simple. Check out these great deals, and then head over to our online store to stock up for Christmas! And please don’t forget to review the books when you’re done!


Print Editions Discounted 20-25%
+ Free/Discounted Shipping

  • All print editions are discounted 20-25% off normal prices when you buy direct from us, and come with the ebook free (as always). Some items have very limited quantities, so don’t wait – order now!

  • Free / Discounted Shipping for orders over $25  (choose option at checkout)

    • Free Media Mail Shipping

    • Discounted Priority Mail Shipping

    • All orders placed before Monday will ship on Monday. Orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday. Note: Media Mail can take up to nine days, and with the holidays, could be slow. In our experience, Media Mail to Texas addresses usually takes 2-3 days. Priority Mail is 2-3 days nationwide (except Hawaii and Alaska, obviously).

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All 30 Ebook Titles 100% Free!

  • All ebooks purchased direct through Grey Gecko’s online store, iTunes (through any Apple device), or on (and the Kobo) are 100% free!

  • All ebooks purchased from,, or through Kindle or Nook devices are just $1 (they wouldn’t let us make them free!).

  • Note: prices for other sites are scheduled to take effect on all the various online stores at 12am on 11/29/2013 (Black Friday), but this may vary somewhat. If you don’t see the free/promotional price right away, just give it a little bit – it’ll show up soon, we promise! Or you can avoid the wait and just buy direct from us!


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