UPDATE 4/11/2012: Due to overwhelming response to our need for editors, we have filled all available regular and overflow positions, and are not seeking any more new applicants at this time. Thank you to everyone who responded!

I’ve often said that the only thing holding back the size of Grey Gecko is the number of authors and editors that we have. Well, folks, today we ran up against that wall. We simply don’t have enough editors to get all our books out on time! So we’re looking for some more editing folks that can get as excited about our little company as we are.

Though naturally experience is preferred, we’re looking for anyone with a talent for editing. We have a unique and innovative compensation package and a great work process that provides the ultimate in flexibility. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting, and want to get in on the ground floor, now’s the time!

Check out our Editors Wanted! page for more information, or send a cover letter and resume to our editing staff: editor@greygeckopress.com. Welcome to the team!