Celebrating our Five-Year Anniversary with 38 Free Ebooks!

Celebrating our Five-Year Anniversary with 38 Free Ebooks!

As a token of our gratitude to all our readers, both long-term and new-found, we’re giving away our entire catalog in ebook format absolutely free. For a look back at our first five years changing the world, continue reading. Or just jump ahead to the free stuff.

Five Years of Innovation, Dedication, and Great Books

“If you’d asked me five years ago when I filed the paperwork, I couldn’t have guessed we’d turn out to be where we are now. It’s been an amazing adventure, and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.”
Jason Aydelotte, Chief Gecko

The company began with a single title, The Dying of the Light: End—an apocalyptic zombie-horror novel by author Jason Kristopher. Nine months later, a second title would follow: Wayne Basta’s Aristeia: Revolutionary Right, a classic space opera adventure. Over the next five years, Grey Gecko Press would go on to publish an additional forty-two titles in more than twelve genres ranging from biographies to women’s fiction, thrillers, fantasy, and paranormal romance, among others.

“Five years ago I was just a guy with a pile of rejection form letters. Then I found Grey Gecko Press. Thanks to them, that one forgotten story is now a complete trilogy.”
Wayne Basta, Author

With over 130,000 copies of their titles in circulation, the company is a worldwide resource for great books, and for authors seeking an alternative to traditional publishing. Grey Gecko authors come from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and even the Czech Republic! They’re drawn by the promise of innovation, and a dedication to involving the author in every step of the process—not to mention what’s been called “the fairest contract in the publishing industry.”

“I’ve been with Grey Gecko Press from the beginning, and I’m still here today because I believe so strongly in the vision that Jason Aydelotte has established for the company and our authors. Grey Gecko Press exemplifies what the future of publishing should be.”
Hilary Comfort, Editor-in-Chief

Grey Gecko isn’t just about publishing great books, but also great authors – especially those who’ve never had their work available before. Of the 27 authors currently published or under contract, only a handful have any prior publishing credits. George Wright Padgett, author of “Spindown,” “Cruel Devices,” and the upcoming “Addleton Heights” is one of those authors who’ve debuted their writing with the company.

“From the beginning, Grey Gecko Press has supported and encouraged new authors to stretch themselves resulting in exciting fresh stories in every genre. I’m pleased to call myself a ‘Gecko’ since 2012.”
George Wright Padgett, Author

Not content to rest on its laurels, in 2013, the company branched out from their print & ebook roots to include audiobook editions of many of their titles in their offerings to readers. In fact, Greystone Valley’s narrator was none other than celebrated Hollywood actress Serena Scott Thomas. In 2015, Grey Gecko branched out again by offering foreign-language editions of some titles, including “A Pranzo con Charlotte” (“Lunch with Charlotte”) by noted Canada-based author Leon Berger.

“Originally, of course, I was skeptical of Grey Gecko’s claim to be the most author-centric of any indie publisher but having worked with several others, I can now say that founder and ‘Chief Gecko’ Jason Aydelotte has lived up to every expectation in terms of integrity, dedication and sheer friendliness. Together, we’ve won national awards and reached Amazon #1 status, a success I firmly believe could not have been achieved with anyone else. All in all, a remarkable experience.”
Leon Berger, Author

At its heart, Grey Gecko is about coming together as a literary family to produce great books for readers all over the world, by authors that readers might otherwise never have found. Teamwork and a commitment to corporate responsibility, high production quality, and great value for reader’s hard-earned dollars has allowed this Texas-based company to flourish in a challenging industry.

“Grey Gecko Press has given me the freedom to choose when and how my books are published, without the red tape of big press. From the editing to the publishing process, GGP follows the golden rule of ‘Author’s First.’ I’ve been with GGP since the beginning, and I’ll stand with them until the end.”
Leo King, Author

“I love what I do,” continued Chief Gecko Jason Aydelotte. “And I’m quite proud of the impact we’ve made on local, national, and international levels. I plan to keep publishing great books for a long, long time. Five years is a milestone, to be sure, but we’re just getting started, and the best is yet to come!”

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