In this fascinating and wondrous digital age of ours, sometimes things get overlooked. And it’s easy to point fingers and lay blame, saying so-and-so should’ve done this, etc, etc, etc. Processes fail, people make mistakes and life goes on, somehow. In publishing in particular, a shrug and a quick “What can you do?” is about the best you’ll get out of most companies.

Not so with Grey Gecko Press.

I screwed up. Yes, me, the CEO/owner/head honcho. The buck stops with me. I uploaded a patently and obviously erroneous version of my novel The Dying of the Light: End to Kindle and Nook, rushing to get it done faster rather than taking the time I needed to make sure it was done right.

For the record, CORRECT is better than FAST.

So who knows how many people downloaded a frankly piss-poor copy of the book, wondering at all the faults and typos and errors. I can’t blame them. I took another look at the book after a couple reviews mentioned it and I couldn’t believe I’d let this thing get by me in the shape it’s in. Now, I could go on and on about MS Word’s “Track Changes” feature, or how I was just trying to make things easier, or a hundred other excuses. But none of that matters, because I screwed up.

And it’s up to me to make it right. So here’s what I’m going to do:

  1. Anyone who has purchased a copy of the Kindle or Nook version since January 20th can receive a brand-new Kindle or Nook copy (without all the bad formatting and typos) simply by emailing support (support AT greygeckopress DOT com) and asking for it. No verification is necessary. We will honor all requests for new copies until March 23rd – 30 days from today.
  2. All requests for new copies will also receive another random Grey Gecko Press title as well, in the format requested, as a thank you for letting us fix the problem.
  3. Our processes have been altered on a permanent basis to insure that this doesn’t happen again.

I apologize to any and all who downloaded such a shoddy copy of my book. It is Grey Gecko’s intent to produce high-quality materials in all our editions, and we let you, our readers, down in this case. We hope that you’ll give our titles another chance, and we look forward to bringing you great stories from the best new and emerging authors!



Jason Aydelotte
Executive Director, Grey Gecko Press