We here at the Gecko are all about innovation. You hear us talk (or read us, as it were) about all kinds of new and different changes we’re making to the publishing industry, and naturally, we like working with companies and groups that are doing the same thing. Innovators, ‘new thinkers,’ and others that are changing centuries-old paradigms in exciting ways.

Enter The Fussy Librarian.

The Fussy Librarian emails you with the ebooks matching your unique interests and content preferences.

It really is just that simple. You sign up for their free daily email, choosing your preference of genre, interests, even your preferred levels of sex, violence, and language. Your daily email is customized for your preferences, insuring that the books you see are ones in which you’ll most likely be interested. And get this – it’s not just every title that you might like, it’s the good titles.

Only qualifying books can be submitted to their readership, and each book must be approved for distribution. What does it take to qualify? Submitted books must have a minimum 4-star rating with at least 10 reviews on either Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or at least a 3.5-star rating with 20+ reviews. Oh, and a good cover, too. So when they recommend a book to you in your email each day, you know that you’re not only getting a book at least 10 other people have enjoyed, but also one that’s been at least somewhat vetted by a professional.

We think it’s a great idea, and not only for readers. One of our biggest challenges as a publisher, and especially as a small press, is getting the word out about our books to those folks who would enjoy them. Readers are inundated these days with a flood of new titles – nearly 300,000 in the US in 2011 alone! So, as a reader, how do you find new books that you actually like in the tidal wave of titles?

For most folks, it’s pure luck, usually a recommendation from a friend or book club. But for the lucky few that have thus far discovered The Fussy Librarian, they get daily recommendations tailored to their tastes. What more could you ask for?

We liked the idea so much when we heard about it that we immediately signed up our qualifying titles, and we’ve already found some new readers! So head on over, Geckos, and sign up for your customized recommendation email today. You won’t be sorry!