Greystone Valley [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Grey Gecko Press is proud to announce the launch of our newest title, Greystone Valley, by author Charlie Brooks.

Greystone Valley is a land of wizards, dragons, and warriors… and one young girl who ends up there quite by accident when her idle wish is granted.

Sarah discovers that not everything in the valley is as magic as she might’ve wished for, especially her friends the nearly illiterate wizard, the mouse-sized dragon, and the virtuous warrior who can’t manage the sight of blood. Being hunted isn’t helping, either. Will Sarah survive this new life of hers, or can she make it home?

And, more importantly, will she ever be the same again?

Greystone Valley is currently available in ebook for only $3, and will be available in print editions within the next week, but you can still save 10% by pre-ordering on our website! All print edition orders come with the ebook free!

Where To Buy Greystone Valley

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