Grey Gecko Press needs your help to continue as the most innovative and author-centric publishing company in the industry.

Here’s the short version: We’ve created an IndieGoGo campaign to raise operating capital for the next year. We’re providing some great perks to contributors, and we’ll use the money we raise to pay for editors, cover artists, and marketing with the remainder going to other operating expenses as necessary (and sparingly). We expect to publish between 20 and 25 great books with the contributions we’re seeking, including the following, to name just a few:

Lunch with Charlotte


Sins of the Father: The Bourbon Street Ripper

The Curse of the Twisted Rose

Because the Moon Does Not Know How to Drink Wine

The Dying of the Light: Interval

Beneath Hallowed Ground

The Lightbringers


Aristeia: Tree of Liberty

The Dying of the Light: Beginning

The Dying of the Light: The Walker Chronicles

Sins of the Father: A Life Without Fear

 We’ve got a lot of great perks for contributors, including free books, author visits, and even naming characters in upcoming books! So head over to IndieGoGo and check out our campaign. Even if you can only contribute $1, you’ll be helping to change publishing forever, and most importantly, helping to publish quality books!