Seven new titles in five genres, three conventions, and a website in a pear tree… er, maybe not. We’ve got a lot going on in 2015! Get all the details…


Chickens [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=You might have noticed that things have been a bit busy over here at the Gecko these last few months. We’ve released 2 new books, concluding Leo King‘s Sins of the Father trilogy with the final book, Face Behind the Mask, and the newest title from author George Wright Padgett, the horror thriller Cruel Devices.

Coming up in the new year, we have even more great books for you! H. C. H. Ritz‘s sophomore sci-fi novel, Absence of Mind, and Nancy-Gail Burns heartwarming story Chickens & Hens are just the first two of our upcoming titles. Others include The Dearly Departed Dating Service by Rae RenziThe Year of the Hydra by William Broughton BurtThe Dying of the Light: Beginning from Jason Kristopher, and our newest addition, our debut of The Bookshop Hotel series by A. K. Klemm.

You can preorder these titles and get your copies of all our great books by ordering direct at our online store. Save up to 40% on all preorders, and get the ebook free when you purchase any print edition!



Grey Gecko is returning to Rice University’s Owlcon for 2015! This student-hosted convention has long been one of our favorites, and we’re excited to be back in the Grand Hall this coming February. We’ll have all our latest editions available and many of our authors will be coming by to visit with fans, sign autographs, and check out some of the great gaming going on all weekend long. If you’ve never been to Owlcon, it’s a must for gamers of all ages! Keep an eye out for freebies and special offers from all of your vendors at the convention, including us!

We’re also looking into other conventions, including the Houston Indie Book Festival, the Houston Author’s Bash, Apollocon, Comicpalooza, and others! If you’ve got a convention, festival, or other event you think we should know about, don’t hesitate to let us know by email or in the comments!



You might have noticed a bit of a difference in layout and look between our main website here and that of our online store. Well, we noticed it too, and we’re going to be revamping our website over the next few months from the ground up! It’ll be easier than ever to find everything you need, from our latest authors and books to special events, promotional discounts, and tons of other stuff. We’re even going to be including some guest blogs from our authors, artists, and editors, so stay tuned! Have a suggestion for our revamped site? Let us know![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]