Coming soon: sci-fi thriller Absence of Mind by H. C. H. Ritz, and the heartwarming Chickens & Hens by Nancy-Gail Burns! Save 40% when you preorder today!

Absence of Mind – H.C.H. Ritz

Absence of Mind Cover

It’s 2034, and Phoebe Bernhart is a nurse in a neuro ward in Atlanta when her youngest brother becomes one of the first victims of a bizarre epidemic of aggression and paranoia.

When Phoebe suspects a technological cause, her strange, beautiful, antisocial new acquaintance, Mila Bremer, a software engineer, agrees to help.

In the end, Mila may be part of the cure—or she may be the cause. Or maybe she’ll just prove to be indifferent to the fates of thousands of people, including Phoebe’s brother.

Absence of Mind is Ritz’s second Grey Gecko Press novel, following the success of her debut, The Lightbringers.

Chickens & Hens – Nancy-Gail Burns

To journey forward you must sometimes take a step back. Chickens and Hens transports us to a time when the eagle has landed, but contrary to the myth of the sixties, not everyone forged ahead. Many footsteps remained cemented in the dregs of the fifties. Share the lives of three generations of women whose love transcends age.

They will make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all they will make you proud to be a woman.

Chickens & Hens is the first offering from Burns for Grey Gecko, though she’s by no means a new author.

Chickens & Hens Cover