Lunch with Charlotte

This book tells the life story of Liselotte Goldberger, known later in life as Charlotte Urban. Charlotte told her story to Leon Berger over the course of 25 years of Friday lunches, weighty words and tales lightened by the occasional joke and the old-world charm for which she was known.

When I started Grey Gecko Press, it was with one goal in mind: publish great stories, and in doing so, treat authors with respect, as partners. I remember reading the title and synopsis for Lunch with Charlotte and thinking to myself, “This is why I started the company.” Charlotte’s story is one of those that I imagined telling, one of the ones I hoped I could help share with the world.

From her childhood in Vienna, to her life in England as a young woman, to her later years spent in Canada, Charlotte was a strong, powerful and vibrant woman who survived and triumphed over many obstacles and challenges. In this memoir, Mr. Berger compiles these 25 years of tales and insight into a portrait of a woman that, I believe, any of us would have been proud to know.

Lunch with Charlotte will always be one of my favorite works that Grey Gecko has published, if for no other reason than we were able to help to share her story with as wide an audience as possible. Sharing stories that otherwise might never have been told is a core tenet of what we do, and I’m very proud to add this book to our catalog.

 — Jason Aydelotte, Executive Director

Pre-orders are open now for Lunch with Charlotte. Pre-orders receive a 10% discount as well as a free ebook copy of the book and, as a special pre-order bonus, a free ebook copy of any other Grey Gecko Press title. A portion of the proceeds from every sale of the book will be donated to the Holocaust Museum of Houston.