Readmill_Logo_Vertical_On_WhiteThere are a lot of reading apps out there, and not just the ones from the big names. We’ve used many of them, testing our ebooks to make sure they look great in as many environments as possible. One reading app has stood out from the pack, and has rapidly become our favorite of them all: Readmill

Readmill is a unique ebook reader that lets you read,share and discover great books.

In the past, this amazing app has only been available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), but as of today, we’re happy to announce that our favorite app is now on Android, too!

Be aware, there are some limitations in this first version of the app: you can’t highlight books like you can with the iOS version, but you can still get positional synching across multiple devices, share what you’re reading (and what you thought of it), and all the other cool features.

Take a look at our favorite free reading app today.