He is tall, dangerous, and one of the last of his kind, a kind which has a sordid and often bloody history. The Board has convened, and requested his presence in an effort to stifle – literally – their competition. He isn’t what they’re expecting, however, and before they know it, they’re the tables are turning.


The Last Ginger started out as a writing exercise, but became something more. It was my first attempt at a short story, and was written in about 30 minutes before our writer’s group meeting in July. Barring the ever-present need for editing, it became one of my favorite pieces, and, I think, a very intriguing twist on the standard supernatural sort of fare. There’s more story there, so I may end up turning it into a longer work eventually, but it stands very well on its own, too.

The Last Ginger is 1,500 words, and is available here, for the Kindle on Amazon.com,  for the Nook on BN.com, and on GoodReads.com.