Cover (Website)In late June of 2012, Grey Gecko Press quietly and without a great deal of fanfare—much less than was deserved, to put it mildly—published our only non-fiction book to date: Lunch With Charlotte.

This award-winning memoir/biography of Holocaust survivor Charlotte Urban is, in the words of our own Chief Gecko Jason Aydelotte, “the most powerful and moving book I’ve ever read.” At times joyful, and humorous, and at times somber and saddening, it will touch your life in some way, and more than likely, in many. Both Charlotte’s family, and those whose lives her story has touched, will forever be grateful for the time, care, and attention that author Leon Berger put into this wonderful book.

Charlotte would no doubt have been amazed—or at the very least, come up with a suitably old-world reaction—to the small amount of fame she’s thus garnered through this book. For our part, we’re very, very proud to have played a part in bringing this book to as many readers as possible, and we’d like to share a photo with our fans and readers that shows just how far publishing has come in the last few years.

Charlotte Multi-Format

Recently, Lunch With Charlotte was recommended by one of her extended family members to a book club, and they took the above photo to show just how widespread her story has become. For reference, those are Nook, Kindle, iPad, paperback, and iPhone editions of the book. With the advent of Kindle and other electronic book formats, more and more people can read about this amazing woman’s story, and, for a time, experience what life was like in another more uncertain time.

If you, too, would like to read Charlotte’s story, you can find the book on our own online store or through It’s also available as an audiobook, read by the author himself. Please note: a portion of your purchase will be donated directly to the Holocaust Museum of Houston by Grey Gecko Press. When you’re done reading, please consider supporting the author and independent press by leaving a review on your favorite book website (Amazon, GoodReads, LibraryThing).

Happy reading!