Grey Gecko Press is not accepting
unsolicited submissions at this time.

Due to the overwhelming response from excited authors, we have been inundated with submissions since opening our doors in 2011. As a small shop, finding the resources to deal with hundreds of submissions has been a daunting task, and we’re still working on improving our systems and processes.

Since our inception, Grey Gecko has been committed to putting authors first, and our submissions process is, and always will be, no different. At this time, we simply cannot process new submissions at the speed with which we’ve been receiving them. So until we can do so, and avoid long delays in responding to authors, we’ll remain closed to unsolicited submissions.

To be among the first to know when we’ve re-opened submissions, make sure to sign up for our All-Access email list (see more info at the link). You can also check back here, or follow our blog, as well. If you’re still interested in our submission requirements, you can find them below.


What You Should Know Before Submitting

When open, Grey Gecko Press accepts submissions from authors for previously unpublished works or works that are not currently licensed or under contract by another publisher. Grey Gecko accepts submissions ranging from novella length (25,000 words minimum) to extended-length novels (175,000 words) and everything in between.

Our submission requirements aren’t onerous, especially when compared to many other agents and/or more traditional publishers. We have these requirements because we receive many submissions, and processing them all is much less time-consuming when they’re formatted correctly and include all the information that we need. Submissions that aren’t formatted correctly or are missing required info will be deleted unread with no notification. And really, following the rules is just being professional.

One final note: we don’t publish some genres and book types. We’re not interested in the following, not even if yours is the exception that proves the rule, the best example of this genre ever written, and something we’d be fools to pass up. If you’re writing in one of these genres, we wish you the best of luck, but we’re not interested.

  • Extreme Horror: Examples would include the movies Saw or Hostel or half a dozen other so-called “torture porn” creations.
  • Erotica: If your manuscript includes sex, that’s cool. If it’s just sex, then that’s erotica, and that’s not for us.
  • Religious Works: Both fiction and nonfiction. If it includes religion or religious themes, that’s okay. If it’s about either of those, then it’s not for us.
  • Photo/Cookbooks: Any book that would require full-color printing and/or includes a great many photos.

Submission Requirements

Above all, the most important submission requirement is patience. Grey Gecko Press is a small shop, with limited personnel. Because we process submissions on a first-come, first-served basis, yours may take some time to get to. We will always give you an answer, so please, be patient!