Project Description

Photo of Brian Nicholson
Cover of Invasion at Miratev

As a boy growing up in Northern California, Brian Nicholson loved anything to do with science fiction, the space program, and watched or read everything to do with both of these things. He watched every televised space mission, starting with the Mercury and Gemini missions, Apollo and the Shuttles. Along the way there was Star Trek, Land of the Giants, Space:1999, UFO and of course, Star Wars. These stories inspired him and let his imagination run wild. Although it took 50 years, marriage, three kids and now grandchildren, he finally put some of those dreams down on paper and wrote the first book in the series The Omega Chronicles.

Today, after a career in law enforcement, he lives in southern Utah with his wife and within a couple of hours of his kids and grandkids. He finds the peaceful setting very conducive to writing and has plans to keep The Omega Chronicles going for as long as the ideas continue to come. When not writing, he loves to fish with his dad and work with troubled youth and the programs that help them.