OUR MISSION: To publish great books by talented authors & artists for worldwide readers.

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We’re a full-service publishing company founded in 2011 by authors who wanted to turn the industry on its head—who wanted to do things the right way. We decided that the traditional methods of publishing weren’t for us, and figured there would be more people out there who felt the same way.

Grey Gecko focuses on new and emerging authors and great books that might not otherwise get a chance to see the light of day. We publish all our titles in hardcover, trade paperback, and ebook formats (both Kindle and ePub), as well as audiobook and foreign-language editions. Our books are available worldwide, for readers of all types, kinds, and interests.

We have just one question for you… what do you like to read?

Publishing — The Right Way

Great Books. Multiple Formats.
Fair Contracts.

What sets us apart isn’t just our books – it’s the way they’re published.


Unique Stories

No sparkly vampires, only original, captivating stories.

Diamonds in the Rough

Every story has a voice, and it’s our job to bring out the best version, regardless of the latest trend.

Read Anywhere

Every format, worldwide, all released together. The right way.

Your Book, Your Device

Read the way you want to, on whatever device you want—or no device at all!

Great Partners

We have the most author-centric contract in the industry. No joke!

Authors First

Without the writer, there is no story, no fascinating journey for the reader to embark on. We treat them well. It’s a promise.
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Meet Our Geckos

Jason Aydelotte
Jason AydelotteChief Gecko
Jason is the owner, one of the founders, and the big Kahuna. His two favorite things about this job: calling an author to tell them they’re accepted, and putting the first copy of their first book in a new author’s hands.
Sarah Townsend
Sarah TownsendInterim Editor in Chief
Sarah graduated summa cum laude from the Honors College at the University of Houston with a B.A. in Anthropology and Philosophy and went on to receive her M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She also attended the Denver Publishing Institute in July of 2017. In her spare time, she is an avid rock climber.
Michelle Vines
Michelle VinesProduction Manager
With her strong eye for detail, and love of organizing, Michelle is in charge of scheduling, the coordination of day to day activities, and trying to keep the rest of the Geckos on track!

We’re Committed to Doing Things the Right Way

Publishing great books worldwide isn’t easy, especially the way we do it — the right way.

Great Stories, Well Told

Edge-of-your seat thrills. Mind-blowing sci-fi. Heartwarming drama. Fascinating non-fiction. Spine-tingling horror.

Family & Teamwork

There are no lone wolves, just those that haven’t found their pack yet. We give them a GPS and good directions.

Fiscal Responsibility

We’re not the Google of publishing . . . yet. Slow and steady wins the race, and we plan to be here for the long haul.


The Right Way