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Photo of Charlie Brooks
Cover of Greystone Valley 2

Charlie Brooks is an award-winning fiction author who has been writing for publication since high school. His earliest publications included articles in the gaming magazines Dragon and Shadis. In 2006 he released his first novel (under the name Charlie Martin), the fantasy epic Shadowslayers. That was followed up in 2008 by the sci-fi thriller Reality CheckGreystone Valley marks his third novel and his first young adult story.

Charlie is a two-time quarter-finalist in the Breakthrough Novel Awards and a recipient of multiple short story awards. His story “Fantasy as you Like It” won the Chaffin Award for Fiction in 2006, and his tale “Eight-Bit Heaven” won the New Millennium Writings Fiction Award in 2011. He has also produced several short nonfiction works, including articles in the gaming magazine Knights of the Dinner Table and an ongoing blog at

Charlie is a lifelong resident of Vermont, having been born and raised in the town of St. Johnsbury. He received an English degree at the University of Vermont, where he met his future wife Sarah. In 2008 he changed his name to Charlie Brooks in honor of the man who raised him. He now lives in St. Albans, Vermont with Sarah and their son Quentin.