Meet the Geckos

Jason has played many roles: office temp, stamp cutter, cheesecake maker, box builder, gym janitor, cashier, sacker, hotel front desk and night audit, retail sales, and information technology to name a few. The hardest job he’s ever had—and the most rewarding—has been as the owner of Grey Gecko Press.

In May 2011, Jason finally finished his first novel, The Dying of the Light: End, and was faced with a choice: to seek traditional publishing or to use the new medium of self-publishing to circumvent all the rigmarole and nastiness that came with the old way of doing things. That wasn’t a choice at all, and thus Grey Gecko Press was formed.

Jason’s primary responsibilities are to layout the titles for printing and ebook formats, arrange cover art, track sales data and all the other day-to-day operations of the company, as well as to insure that its guiding values of partnership with authors and innovation in the industry are maintained.

Jason Aydelotte
Jason AydelotteChief Gecko
Hilary Comfort
Hilary ComfortEditor-in-Chief

Hilary Comfort received a perfect score on the English portion of the ACT and formerly ran her own proofreading and editing business called Starling’s Words.  She has joined Grey Gecko Press specifically to serve new and emerging novelists.

Jason is fond of saying he wouldn’t be where he is without Hilary, his favorite editor. She coordinates all editing efforts within the company, keeping tabs on current projects and the teams who are working on them, when she’s not editing a manuscript herself. She also works closely with the other Geckos to ensure that the company stays true to its missions and values.

With a world-class perspective on work culture and human science and twenty years of experience in project management and program development and execution, David is the right person to help us take our next big steps! He draws from an eclectic palette of experience and training, including Heideggerian hermeneutic phenomenological interpretative analysis in scholastic social research, logistics analysis in the space industry, and engineering project management in the energy industry. We don’t know about you, but we’re impressed.

David Yzaguirre
David YzaguirreDirector of Operations
Michelle Vines
Michelle VinesProduction Manager

Michelle Vines comes to Grey Gecko with over five years’ experience as a technical leader in oil and gas, and plastics manufacturing.  She is a mother of two and known for being honest, compassionate, and a deep thinker.  With her strong eye for detail, and – peculiar – love of organizing, we are happy to have Michelle as our Production Manager.  In her role she is in charge of scheduling, the coordination of day to day activities, and trying to keep the rest of the Geckos on track!

Maddie is a sophomore at Sam Houston State University, writer of words, lover of books, and intern for Grey Gecko Press. She helps out with keeping to-do lists up-to-date and getting the word out about our books. She is interested in journalism and creative writing, and hopes to one day working for Rolling Stone Magazine or a publishing house.

Maddie Spera
Maddie SperaClient Services Rep