Leon Berger

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Photo of Leon Berger

Leon now has over a dozen books published, including an Amazon #1 bestseller. Several have been translated for Europe, another for China, and two have won major international awards.

He has worked extensively across 5 continents, based in London, New York, Singapore and of course, Beijing, from where he journeyed all over China, getting to know the country, the people and the culture, which gave him the background to write his novel Death by Harmony.

These days, he enjoys spending as much time as possible at home in Canada, where the long winter months provide enough peace and quiet for any project. His home is in Montreal, where he got to know Charlotte, the venerable subject of his book Lunch with Charlotte. He’s also fortunate to have a country property where he spends his weekends, and it was there that he met the unique animal which inspired my novel Horse.