What does it mean to be a Grey Gecko Press Founder?

It means that your name goes on a special page on our website, permanently, unless you contributed anonymously.

You also get a discount on all purchases you make directly through us for 5 years. With discounts ranging from 5% (Bronze) to 10% (Gold) to 25% (Platinum and above), those savings can really add up!

Gold Founders and above receive print copies of the entire Grey Gecko Press catalog as well as cameos in upcoming books, being thanked by name on the copyright page, even having their likeness on the cover!

At the Diamond and Diamond+ levels, contributors also receive one hardcover copy of every book we publish for the next five years, as well as multiple copies of our entire catalog in hardcover, author appearances, and even free editing of a full manuscript.

In the end, these are some great perks to have for contributing, but the best perk of all is this: the knowledge that you have personally helped to secure the future of the most innovative and author-centric publishing company in the industry today.

We’re changing publishing forever, and you can help. You can say you were there at the beginning. How cool would that be?