Today’s campaign update is a testimonial from Leon Berger, author of the upcoming books Lunch with Charlotte and Horse.

Grey Gecko is an author’s dream. With five previously published books, I’ve dealt with several houses both in North America and Europe, and I can say with conviction that this is the most enthusiastic, efficient, and respectful experience I’ve encountered, refreshingly free of the cynicism which is so common.

True, it’s relatively new and therefore not as established as some of the industry giants, but from what I’ve seen, the executive director, Jason Aydelotte, has exactly the right approach, with enough ambition to achieve any goal. While I admit that I was guarded at first, as we must all be in this increasingly deceptive world, I have since learned to appreciate his integrity and enterprise. He has gathered a small team of professionals who are not only competent but also very nice people with whom to work.

If there is any justice at all in the marketplace, Grey Gecko deserves to do well.

Leon Berger
Author of Lunch With Charlotte and Horse

Lunch with Charlotte is the true memoir of Charlotte Urban, a Viennese Nazi survivor and amazing woman. Her story is available now.

Horse is the bittersweet chronicle of how an eccentric working horse finally gains his freedom. Horse is also available now.